Fortitude is the pinnacle of RDR2 game enhancement. We bring fixes to every crash including game crashes, and all known menu crashes. Continuously providing routine updates to maximize your experience with creative features for you and your friends, with and without mods, to enjoy!


We strive to maintain the best crash protections against all known menus, and of course from the game itself. We guarantee no other modder will be able to remove Fortitude users. We fix crashes at break-neck speed if any unknown crashes happen to surface. We offer the best protections and beyond – guaranteeing you many long and uninterrupted hours of gameplay without aggressors interfering.


Embrace yourself in hours of long outfit designing with over 300+ full shirts, 450+ pants, 700+ coats, and hundreds more clothing assets! Craft your own custom object-based outfits with over 18,000 unique objects using Fortitude’s advanced feature-rich object outfit editor. We include ALLhorse masks and every other mount component! Experience fire hands, functional meteors, pets, custom random events, highly-customizable UI theme and beyond! Featuring highly-polished advanced flying aircraft, advanced ridable mounts (with posse/friends) and it doesn’t stop there. We aim to bring you creative features in routine updates.


Fortitude focuses on providing you with new experiences to enjoy – especially with friends! Below is a small list of some features we offer:

  • Unbreakable Crash Protections
    Neutralizes: Net. Event, Broadcast, Physics, Streaming, Stack Overflow Crashes + more!
  • Seamless Session Joining
    No load screens when joining friends or free roaming.
    Join friends instantly!
  • Complete Spoofing – Name / IP / RID / Rank
    Save many spoofer profiles for convenience!
    Spoof your rank randomly or to a specific number.
    Optional “Spoof As Custom Name” to selected players.
    Optional “Never Spoof” to selected players.
  • Player Ghosting
    Become completely unseen from all other mod menus.
    Detect other users ghosting in the session.
    Selectively ghost to individual users to prevent any interaction (even voice).
  • Enhanced & Customizable ESP
    Player & Horse Bone ESP
    Fully Configurable
  • Efficient & Advanced Recovery
  • Model Changer
  • LUA Script Engine
  • Nearby Door Controls
    Open, close, lock, and unlock all nearby doors, including banks and horse stables.
  • Object Editors – Map / Vehicle / Player / Horse
    Build custom outfits for yourself, your horse, on a vehicle or anywhere in the world!
    Access all 17,000+ objects – including every previously inaccessible object.
  • PvP Score Tracker
  • Anti-High Hostility
    Never have a pink or dark red blip again.
  • Anti-Bounty
    Automatically remove all bounties or choose to automatically pay them.
  • Anti-Spectate
  • Off-Radar
  • A Multitude of Player Options
    Always-on Hat
    Walk On Water
    Walk On Air
    Prevent Melee (incoming or all)
    Night Vision
    and many more.
  • Minigames
    + more in development!
  • Advanced Anti-Aim
    Options to block Paint It Black marking, controller aim assist, and block all aiming.
    Auto-react to those who aim at you.
    Auto-react aim for friends!
  • Player Blacklist, Safelist, Permalist
    Keep track of unwanted users and block them from your lobby for good.
    Add friends to safelist so protections cannot interfere.
    Automatically apply attacks when a permalisted player is spotted.
  • Entity Spawner
  • Emotes, Scenarios, and Animations
  • Highly-Configurable Theme Engine
    Advanced theme engine allows you to customize every aspect of Fortitude, including multi-color UI animations.
  • Armory
    RDR2’s Most Advanced Aimbot
    Gravity Gun, Meteor Gun, Teleport Gun, Cage Gun, Invincibility Gun, Firework Gun, Homing Missiles + more.
  • Fully Functional Guarma
  • Advanced Autonomous Protection System
    Automatically engage & disengage temporary protections when bad actors attempt to attack you.
  • and much more!